Midwest Highland
Cattle Association

Midwest Highland Cattle Association

Big Ridge Highlands     North Carolina 2018 

Kae & Bill Arrington

 1472 Brummetts Creek Road

Green Mountain,  NC  28740

Big Ridge Highlands

Phone:  828-688-2277

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We chose Scottish Highland Cattle because they were the cattle best fitting our western
 North Carolina 200 acre steep mountain pastures and rocky woodlands.  Highland
Cattle bred to the Scottish Highland Cattle Standard were best suited to our topography,
weather, vegetation, and our visual pleasure. We believe the MATERNAL traits passed down by the bulls are the most overlooked in breeding. The Scottish Highland Cattle Standard is the blueprint for breeding Cattle at Big Ridge

•   Registered Breeding stock

•   "Scottish" Type Bulls, Cows and Calves

•   BULLS and cows bred with (and to pass down) superior Maternal traits

•   Cattle that thrive on grass   

       We welcome visitors

Please visit us at: www.BigRidgeHighlands.com

Apricot Lane Farm in California was featured as a video short on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday March 24th. The filming is lovely, and the video includes shots of both TwinFlower Wesley, Grand Champion Bull at the 2011 NWSS and LEA Firefly, both purchased from Midwest members at the National Sale in 2011.

See the video here.