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Midwest Highland Cattle Association

Heifers and bulls for sale,      Illinois    9/29/19

Heifers and Bulls for slae, both registered and unregistered.  Weanlings to 2-year-olds. All sired by CC. Cedric, (Reg # 54415). Large, correct and healthy.  Current on vaccinations and worming.  Very people friendly.  Reasonably priced.  For pictures and additional information please call 618-244-1791.

Bull for Sale        Southern Wisconsin     9/5/19

Cobblestone’s Lakon (D)

Registration Number: 58,326

D.O.B.: 03/16/2018


Cobblestone’s Lakon is fresh out of the show ring and ready to breed your herd next spring! Competing at the U.P. State Fair 2019; he received champion in his division! A bull that is quick to catch your eye from any profile. Standing from the side he is extended in his rib, sound in his structure, with an exceptionally clean front end to complete the package. Lakon’s dam, CBS Layna has continuously yielded calves with the highest weaning weights each year at Cobblestone. His grandsire also being the one and only Sunset Rebel Yell. Cobblestone’s Lakon is flashy in the show ring, a dream to handle, and will produce quality prodigies in his future.

Please Contact:

Cobblestone Farms

Calley Nelson

262 689 7016


Bull calf for sale, Colorado                   8/5/2019

Dun Bull Calf to be registered, (we will register). Has excellent breeding. Dam is a stunning long haired white Highland with solid lineage. The Sire was bred specifically for typical long haired Scottish Highland conformation. We put the two together via A.I. and have a stellar Dun Bull Calf from the match. Dam Reg #: 55121. Sire Reg #: 51522. For info & photos contact Chris at 719-510-1102.

Instant Highland Herd,       Colorado  7/29/19

We have one young bull with three cows for sale.  We are in southwest Colorado near the four corners.  970-565-2420 Very Reasonable Price  for all four as a fold but individually they are as follows:

2017 TPR William (D) #57,234 Year and a half old bull.  William is a nice young bull that comes from good stock.  We bought him last fall to cover our cows.  He is registered red but he is more of a yellow color with a base of red.  Before mid April we had a massive steer that would keep him away from the girls but once the steer was caught up he has been doing a great job.

2014 Flatheads Dalmeny (D) # 53,781 Black Cow
Dalmeny comes from the renowned Flatheads Ranch in Montana.  She is five years old and has given us two beautiful heifers. (We didn’t breed her until she was three).  She has beautiful straight lines.  She is a little more skittish than my others.  We don’t hand brush or halter break our cows.  She just had her shots on May 28. At that time she hadn’t been bred yet or was not far enough along. 

2013 Rannoch’s Gracie (AI, D) # 55,506 Red Cow
Gracie is a beautiful dark red color. She is six years old. She is an excellent mother.  Once she gets to know you she will take horse cookies from you but it will take time.  She has a good temperament but is one of the last to go through the gate.  We saw her bring bred by William on May 25.  She had her shots on May 28.

2009 Brigadoon’s Teasag (AI, D) # 48,850 Brindle Cow
Tessa is ten. Tessa is our dominant cow.  That being said she is very good with people and is willing to take horse cookies from anyone.  She will just push Dalmeny around in small spaces.  She is an amazing mother.  Gracie is hers.  She was confirmed around 35 days pregnant on May 28.  She is up to date with her shots.

Starter herd for sale  Colorado              7/26/19

Want to Start or Grow a Highland Herd for Little Money?

White Registered Highland Beef Cow with calf.   Reg# 52104. She is exposed to an AHCA registered bull for the past two month, one of American Highland Ranch’s top pure bred “Descendant of Champion Bulls” that has magnificent conformation and a superb lineage. Reg #: 58450 Pregnancy checked via ultrasound prior to sale. The pair has  been easy to move from pasture to pasture. And, they love and take cookies. - For additional info & lots of photos contact Chris at 719-510-1102.

Three for the price of two.  Buyer pays AHCA transfer fee.


Bull, Heifers for sale, Minnesota         6/24/19

Thistle of Flatland Farm (AI,D)

Registration Number 58028


If you want that traditional Highland look with some great width and depth of body then Thistle is your kind of heifer.  She is a grass-fed long yearling with growth that shows great potential to be a top brood cow, yet shows good feminine character. She is halter broken and has been to several shows.  She is registered with the American Highland Cattle Association as being yellow in color.  Thistle’s Dam has had a calf every year since her 3rd birthday without fail or assistance, with Thistle being her 9th calf.  Thistle’s pedigree on her Dam's side has a lineup of farms such as Marsh Creek, Drover Hill, GOF and the famous Ben Eniglair of Scone Palace.  We chose Thistle's sire from one of the most productive highland operations in the west, Thorbardin Ranch, to drive home the grass-fed and rugged characteristics.  Her sire is Dirigo Forceful.


Thistle was born on 10/08/17 and had a birth weight of 75 lbs. Subsequent weigh-ins for this grass-fed heifer are as follows:

03/14/18 = 330

06/06/18 = 451

08/18/18 = 554

11/17/18 =665


Contact Mark @ 507-481-7367 for pricing or if you have questions.

June 8, 2019 – 20 months old

Euna of Flatland Farm

If you want a stocky, yet feminine Highland heifer then look no further than Euna of Flatland Farm She is a grass-fed fall calf with growth that shows great potential.  Her weaning weight at 239 days from birth was 400 lbs.  She has been started on a halter.  She is not registered at this time, but when she is will be registered as a yellow color.  Euna’s Dam has had a calf every year since her 3rd birthday without fail or assistance, with Euna being her 10th calf.  Her dam still has a great udder at this age.  Euna’s pedigree on her Dam's side has a lineup of farms such as Marsh Creek, Drover Hill, GOF and the famous Ben Eniglair of Scone Palace.  We chose Euna's sire from one of the most productive highland operations in the west, Thorbardin Ranch, to drive home the grass-fed and rugged characteristics.  Her sire is Dirigo Forceful.


Euna was born on 09/09/18 and had a birth weight of 62 lbs. Subsequent weigh-ins for this grass-fed heifer are as follows:

11/10/18 = 181

03/09/19 = 284

05/05/19 = 400

Contact Mark @ 507-481-7367 for pricing or if you have questions.

Flatland Farm, LLC

Elkton, MN


Photo June 8, 2019   9  months old

Conan of Flatland Farm (D)
Registration Number 58024

Conan is a yearling bull that shows great promise as your next herd sire.  He is halter broken and has been to a few shows.  Temperament is a huge factor and he is very laid back which is an attribute of his sire, Ruairidh of Flatland Farm.  Conan is registered with the American Highland Cattle Association as being red in color.  Conan’s Dam has been a top producer of quality calves with Conan being her 5th.  His dam is a very long and deep, and has produced some top beef carcasses for Flatland Farm.  Conan’s pedigree on his Dam's side has a lineup of farms such as Pimushe, GOF, Drover Hill and the bull Broadstone the 18th.  Conan’s pedigree on his sire’s side includes foundation farms such as Marsh Creek, GOF, LEA White, and Five Star. 


Conan was born on 03/03/18 and had a birth weight of 78 lbs. Subsequent weigh-ins for this grass-fed bull are as follows:

08/18/18 = 447

10/03/18 = 540 weaning weight

12/13/18 = 599

06/01/19 = 710

Contact Mark @ 507-481-7367 for pricing or if you have questions.


June 8, 2019 – 15 months old

Bull for sale, Wisconsin         Sold!!!!        6/25/2019

CBS Slate 293 

Registration Number: 57,502

DOB: 3/28/2016

Sire: HSC Rebel’s Jack

Dam: CBS Layna

If your looking for a herd bull, look no further! Slate is exceptionally framed, level topped, stands square on all fours, and displays the depth of body that your herd is looking for! CBS Slate comes from a bloodline of excellence. His Sire, HSC Rebel’s Jack was a NWSS Reserve Grand Champion. Also, being a prodigy of CBS Layna; she produces calves that have continuously yielded the highest weaning weights at Cobblestone each year. With proven bloodlines and calving records, CBS Slate is sure to be the newest asset to your herd.

Cobblestone Farms
Please contact Farm manager: Calley Nelson for further information.(262)-689-7016

Bulls for Sale, southern Michigan

Dundonald's Defiance 2 #57643, Calved 11/30/17
A fine young bull with exceptional genetics.  Sired by Defiance of Dundonald,#54488 (AI'd from Semen of the great Scottish bull Defiance of Swains, GBB 1D-8070 28306
His dam is Leitis 7thh of Dundonald having heritage to Leitis Ruadh 16th of Leys 31860. A fine disposition and good Scottish Breeding.
Defiance of Dundonald #54488 calved 4/25/15 This fine bull has proven Scottish genetics, quiet disposition proven show ring qualities and many impressive progeny on the ground.  In 2017 he placed 2nd at the MAHA Spring Classic, Michigan  UP State Fair, Michigan State Fair Novi, and Grand Champion 'Bull at St. Joseph County Grand Fair.  His many young progeny leave no doubt that he will be a great herd sire for many years in the future.

Bull for sale Ohio                               3/27/19

Registered Bull, Creekstone Highlands, Alexandria, Ohio

Registration #57991

Born July, 2016

We also have a 2 year old yellow bull that can be registered.


Jim Geiger

Creekstone Highlands

740-924-5345  Home


Bulls for sale:  Michigan                         3/27/19

Symbiosis Sir Jag - from the organic meadows and rolling hills of Symbiosis Ranch a champion breeder, we bring you Sir Jag.  This Champion Stock Bull will bring depth, correctness, and length to your herd.  Born 1/17/17 out of Karabin Farm's Tuffy and Black Watch Lucie, two well combined famous blood lines, this bull is stylish and well mannered. Please contact Kim to secure this bull for your upcoming breeding seasons. 

Champion Breeding Stock from a Champion Ranch!  Meet Symbiosis Sir Sam born 1/14/17 from the well respected Sire, Samhach Buidhe of Bairnsley and Famous Dam, Summit Ranch Whitney.  This bull has been a pleasure to watch grow in depth and length.  He is very correct with excellent footing, his calves are looking amazing! If you wish to strengthen your herd and put an impressive bull that stops the neighbors along the road side, he is an excellent choice. Contact Kim he has a wealth of knowledge and can answer all your questions.

Call right away, Kim Owens (989)615-5863 Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.  www.symbiosisranch.com or symbiosisranch@gmail.com      
Thank you for your consideration.

Cattle for sale:  mid-Michigan

Winter 2019 Bred Cow Sale Mt. Pleasant, Michigan 989-615-5863 symbiosisranch@gmail.com
We have a great selection of registered bred cows that will be calving in the Spring of 2019!  All of our cows are bred to champion breeding stock and we can help you select what will best serve your needs.  We are also offering extremely high quality breeding bulls for improving your herd. Our animals always sell quickly so don’t wait.  www.symbiosisranch.com 

We also have extra fitting shoots, blow dyers, an excellent show box and gear.

Bull for Sale  Nebraska                         10/16/18

We have an April, 2018, white bull calf we are wanting to sell. We can't use him for breeding (he is too closely related to our cows) and if we don't find a home for him we will have to steer him, which seems a shame. His sire is LEA Leif (#55907). His dam is GCF Clarabell (#54241). Both parents are light red and have a wide variety of colors in their bloodlines. This bull comes from LEA White bloodlines on both sides, dam and sire. A great looking young bull with straight back and stocky build. The calf is already eating from our hand. His sire is extremely gentle and easy to handle. We are located in northwestern Nebraska, near the town of Crawford.

Please contact for more information and pictures.

Contact: Bart, Shaggy Hills Ranch, Crawford, NE Phone: 308.667.2025 Email here.  

SOLD!!!!  Cows for sale, Colorado        9-24-2018

For Sale: The following 3 Highlands will be American Highlands Ranches only offering through May of next year. Available:  One Registered 4.5 year old Highland cow with calf. Grass fed, socialized, great personality. Excellent producer. Bred back 8-26-18. Second offering: (1) American Highlands Ranch bred, raised and registered Brindle Highland 14 month old Bull, (Am Prionnsa) see below., Date of Birth 7/1/17, Reg. Number 57350. Outstanding conformation. Ready to go to work -. And, one Registered 6 year old pregnant Highland cow, (A majestic looking Brindle w/Tiger-like striping & magnificent horns). She is due September 27. She’s been Grass fed, free ranged, maintained year round at a body score rating at 6, socialized, loves cookies and brushings and has also been an excellent producer. - All American Highlands Ranch Highland offerings have received their Seven (7) way vaccinations, are tattooed and are ear tagged for travel. Prior to pick up by purchaser, our Highlands are State Board inspected and undergo a full 3rd party veterinary examination with certification as to health.  – Interested parties email Christine at americanhighlandsranch@yahoo.com or call 719-510-1102.

SOLD!!! Bull for sale:  Colorado                       6/29/2018

FOR SALE: American Highlands Ranch bred & raised Brindle Registered Highland Yearling Bull. - Reg. Number 57350. Am Prionnsa AH Ranch. Date of Birth 7/1/17  – Grass fed. Free range. Well Natured. Excellent Lineage. Outstanding Confirmation. Seven (7) way vaccination, tattoo and ear tagged for travel – Halter Trained. Show Trained. Ready to go. Email Christine at americanhighlandsranch@yahoo.com or call 719-510-1102 for photos and pricing.

Steers for sale: Colorado     6/29/2018  SOLD!!!

FOR SALE: 2 American Highlands Ranch bred & raised yearling steers. Grass fed. Free range. Excellent condition. Seven (7) way vaccination, tattooed. One is Black the other is White. Both are Socialized. Both are halter trained. Both love cookies and brushing. Email Christine at americanhighlandsranch@yahoo.com or call 719-510-1102
  White Steer is sold!!

Bull for sale, eastern Indiana          SOLD!                         10/19/17

Wilson is a 3-year old proven Scottish Highland bull. Very calm disposition. Good herd bull. Registered.  Centerville, Indiana 47330

Contact info: Andy at 765-960-5092 (phone or text) or localgrower@gmail.com