Midwest Highland
Cattle Association

Midwest Highland Cattle Association


Symbiosis Ranch    Central Michigan                           2019

Kim and Bessheen Owens

1798 W. Wing

Mt Pleasant MI. 48858


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Symbiosis Ranch is an organic sustainable homestead with plenty to see and do!  All the animals receive excellent care and respect, with treats and back rubs as daily occurrences.  Highlanders are the highlight of the ranch along with western cattle horses, sheep, a milk cow, chickens and even a donkey named Honkey!  We grow a lot of our own food and medicine using vegetable and herbal gardens. We employ a perma-culture theme that is constantly evolving. Our home is uniquely earth sheltered and our primary source of power is solar.

Our Highlanders are top notch! The Symbiosis Ranch is home to the 2014 National Grand Champion Bull Trafalgar Yann, as well as other champions like Star Lake Illuminada, and more. The entire herd is focused on breeding champion stock with the ability to share our great results with others.  The animals that do not meet our high breeding standards are then available as beef.  We give special attention to temperament, birth weights, weaning weights and all performance details.  We are open to tours and love learning from other ranchers!

Please visit our website www.symbiosisranch.com


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Apricot Lane Farm in California was featured as a video short on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday March 24th. The filming is lovely, and the video includes shots of both TwinFlower Wesley, Grand Champion Bull at the 2011 NWSS and LEA Firefly, both purchased from Midwest members at the National Sale in 2011.

See the video here.