Midwest Highland
Cattle Association

Midwest Highland Cattle Association

Come Join Us for the MASH!


Greetings fellow Highland Cattle enthusiasts:

The Midwest Highland Cattle Association is proud to continue this venue for our Midwest Association Show for Highlands.  Again, our association show will be located at Novi Michigan in conjunction with the Michigan State Fair Aug 30th-Sept 3th, 2018. Cattle should arrive  Wed 30th between 9am and 9pm or Thursday morning 6am-9am. All cattle must be stalled in place  by 9 am Thursday, August 30st,  and are released at 3 pm Monday, September 3rd.  Tie outs are to your trailer or pens may be set up outside in the parking area adjacent to your trailer.

Premiums are awarded for the top 5 places in both individual classes ($60.00 for 1st)  and most group classes ($35.00 for 1st).

The fair is growing and expanding its facilities, but in the near term the promoters have limited space for live animals, thus the total entries per farm are limited to a maximum of 8 head. The Michigan State Fair is a work in progress:  facilities are improving and enlarging every year, and management is excited to have Highland cattle added to the venue on a larger scale.  The Michigan State Fair was discontinued by the State of Michigan in 2009 due to budget problems; but in 2012 a private group resurrected it due to increased interest in agriculture, cottage industries, farm to table produce and similar endeavors. The fair was moved from the State Fairgrounds in Detroit to the Suburban Collection Showcase in Novi, Michigan.  Space for livestock  is presently limited and we have been allotted a percentage of the stalling space available. This  space limitation will be lifted once the new livestock facility and arena is completed, but for now, it is what we have to work with to accommodate our cattle. 

Hotel accommodations are reserved at the Hyatt Place, located right on the fairgrounds, connected to the Suburban Collection Showcase Facility.